Consumers: Discover Thermally Modified Wood Gun Stocks, Guitars, Flooring, etc., and Discover Manufacturers of the Best Wood Products You Can Buy!

With operations in Montana and Maine, Hot-Woods™ LLC is a manufacturer of thermally modified wood products.

Although we primarily sell directly to manufacturers of guns, musical instruments, flooring, etc., we have built this site to provide additional information to you: end-users of the amazing products you will eventually buy from retail outlets.

So enjoy your visit. Discover the beauty, the strength, and the value of thermally modified wood products.

And interact with us. Ask questions. Read the blog entries, comments, and updates on our product lines, what manufacturers purchase from us, and what retail outlets carry the thermally modified wood products you seek.

About Us

Improving Wood through Thermal Modification

Hot-Woods™ LLC does one thing:  We make wood better.

The following question constantly faces wood product manufacturers in all industries:

“How can we infuse the best combination of beautiful material, strength, and stability into a product that will satisfy the ever-increasing demands of our customers?”

This question is resolved through product development using Hot-Woods’ thermally modified wood products. Continue reading “About Us”


The Mission of the Hot-Woods Site

The mission of this site is three-fold:

  1. We are educating consumers, retailers, and manufacturers regarding the superior nature of thermally modified wood.
  2. We are aggressively developing a digitally-enhanced marketing system to direct consumers to retailers who sell thermally modified wood products that originate with Hot-Woods, LLC.
  3. We are providing easy-access to us. This is meant to benefit current and future production services for manufacturers, ease of listing for retailers, and a knowledge-base for consumers.

Bottom line: We’re focused upon enhancing and expanding our relationships with consumers, retailers, and manufacturers. Through this focus we will become increasingly valuable to all levels of every market in which we compete.


Contact us regarding your thermally modified wood interests.

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